Building this site: Day 4

May 25, 2020

Finally got to get onto styles:

  • Spiffy (enough!) home page. It took some time to... deliberate over what I should do with the homepage. I wanted to mimic some sort of sea-ness (due to the ocean feel) so went with ParticleJS. There's no way I will be able to utilise WebGL/threejs for what I actually want to do, so that'll come down the track once I've learnt how to use that sort of tech. I'd like to glitch it out too, but again, later. I was having such trouble with running the site properly the last time I worked on it and FOR SOME REASON WHEN AFTER I BOOTED THIS MORNING IT JUST WORKED. What the hell. Maybe it was the gatsby clean?
  • List of posts on the writing page are now all styled.
  • Lab grid layout using flexbox.
  • Navigation across the board! Had trouble styling it to include the homepage because it's got a different layout that doesn't conform to the standard #flexboxlife.

I've discovered a few things I need to fix (noooooooo):

  • There is no 'all tags' page template??
  • Tag template page.
  • 'all posts' category button does not go back to active state (visually) at any point.
  • Footer needs more top margin?
  • Navigation needs to be brought to the front and given a solid background.
  • I haven't added my social media anywhere...

My dreaded interactive CV is next... Yay. >_> At least I have a lot of the styling pre-prepared (pre-prepared is just prepared??).

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