Building this site: Day 6

May 27, 2020

I've been checking things off as I go to sleep and wake up. If only I could get this shit done in my dreams. What's left:

  • Finish styling the PDF.
  • Finish styling the CV web page (responsive).
  • Have some text show in the button download area indicating that a CV can actually be downloaded.
  • For All, include all projects and have an expandable option.
  • For Dev/Designer, limit the number of experience and project items.
  • Add analytics.
  • Added GIPHY/equivalent support.

And everything from Day 4.

In hindsight, I would've been better off tallying up the number of hours rather than days. Today all I managed was getting the damn PDF to render with the appropriate styling, but I'd replicated it almost exactly now so... Good job me. There was this weird font error I eventually found a random fix for, but haven't quite figure out why yet.

CSS-in-JS feels so wrong. Styled components feels wrong. I should probably delve into the debate online some more. I can sense I'm about to discover the colossal depths to which devs can get touchy about the topic.

ONE MORE DAY. At this point I feel like Uncle Chan from Jackie Chan Adventures.


Either way, that PDF looks fucking fabulous. And I JUST figured out dumb af positioning with absolute/relative values. Explanation soon.

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