Building this site: Day 7

May 29, 2020

This is also happening in two parts, mainly because of the amount of time I spent asleep. :D I'll keep telling myself that I'm still on a good routine...

Everything piling up from day 6:

  • Finish styling the CV web page (responsive).
  • Have some text show in the button download area indicating that a CV can actually be downloaded.
  • Add collapsible content for All.
  • For Dev/Designer, limit the number of experience and project items.
  • Add analytics.
  • Add gif support.

And everything from Day 4 (edited):

  • 'All tags' page template.
  • Tag template page styling.
  • 'All posts' category button does not return to active state.
  • Footer needs more top margin?
  • Navigation needs a background colour.
  • Add social media...

And everything from today:

  • Navigation background colour should fade in on scroll.
  • None of the writing category buttons have hover states.
  • Change navigation icon to something thinner.
  • Style that mobile menu because you forgot about it.
  • Mobile testing (ya girl should've styled mobile-first, honestly... But I was so excited. :( )
  • Fix main name text on homepage for phones.

Turns out I may not output the best front-end code, but I no longer need internet to get a shit ton done, and I remember more than I give myself credit for.


I had to cut off my ever-growing list of things:

  • Interactive gifs for accessibility reasons.
  • A scroll to top button (I don't have long enough content yet to warrant one).
  • Add page switching between posts (will be useful for posts in a series, especially tutorials).
  • Design and implement CV popups - although I'd already implemented the modal windows, I'm not entirely sure how I want everything to work, or if it's even worth my time collating that much information.
  • Move post tags to the bottom of a post template.
  • Figure out the whole deal with CV vs portfolio. Portfolios are about best work, and CVs list everything. I am better off creating them separately instead of making my CV interactive? Ho-hum.
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