Building this site: Going live

June 11, 2020

Having this thing go live without a hitch was too much to hope for. As usual. Combined feedback:

  • Increase spacing between menu items.
  • Fix typo on about page.
  • Adjust post tag list bottom margin.
  • SSL changes, my sites aren't all redirecting to https for some reason.
  • Add a loader before the CV page loads

Another annoying thing: styling checkboxes in Firefox just doesn't work with pseudo-elements unless there's the text next to it is inside a <label>. But I'm using markdown and don't know how to that make little bit happen programatically. Sigh. Whatever. This is future Tabs' problem.

I used gatsby-plugin-nprogress for the loader, for now. Turns out that the loader can't be tested in develop mode, and I have to build it before testing it. At least I can do that!

I encountered a loading order issue with CSS. Turns out I really should be referencing my reset CSS just... once. I had to make sure in layout.js I added the import statement for it, then the global css module, then the header and footer components. Subsequently, gatsby build worked just fine. I didn't need to chuck the reset into the global css sass file as I initially thought. Ah well!

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