A bit about me

I'm a developer and designer currently based in Canberra, Australia. I mostly work in front-end software development in an effort to drive everything towards the user experience being at the core. I have back-end knowledge and goals of a fullstack skillset, despite my hot take on fullstack skillsets. I absolutely thrive working remotely.

I have a Bachelor's degree in Software Engineering (Honours), and a Master's in Digital Art (with a specialisation in Visual Effects). My design knowledge is self-taught (as were all my art skills prior to my degree) or acquired through short courses. I love learning and make it a core part of my life.

When I'm not coding or doing one of my now things, I'm gaming (Cyberpunk tabletop rpg, board games, video games), munching on cookies, reading, or annoying guildies.

What I'm up to now

  • Hosting workshops, streams, and projects at Artifex.
  • Running movies nights, 100 Day Challenges, and coworking in Atlantis.
  • Streaming and working on content creation.
  • Developing kickass community software at Grid.
  • Designing the Research Centre for Deep History's interactive atlas.
  • Learning guitar.

Random trivia

  • Australia is my fifth country of residence! I'm from South Africa, and lived in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Malaysia.
  • I was three when I experienced MS Paint for the first time, eight when I touched code. twelve when I had my first website, and then found myself navigating a sea of technology over the next few years. Also forever.
  • I've been leading a video gaming guild for 14 years. They're my fam \3.
  • The boundaries people put up between subject areas grinds my gears. Little in the real world relies on just one skillset to solve a problem - they're all important, just differently.