Day 1/100 Days of Writing: The beginning

Personal experiences with a product's mini-ecosystem

Thursday 1 September 2022

This planning process actually happened during stream, where I made all the following decisions and set up a workflow on Trello. Here lies my first tweet.

Roughly, items I will post will consist of:

  • Articles: technical stuff on my Lady of Code blog, self-development stuff for System You
  • Newsletter: personal ^ including above stuff [Links, Atlantis, challenge, pun/joke]
  • Twitter threads: writing tips, summaries of articles/topics
  • Writing drills (as a break)

Side goals:

  • Launch System You (so that means design + launch alpha)
  • Prep newsletter content months in advance

Some rules:

  • If I haven’t looked at how to improve my writing, default to posting every Wed for a Twitter thread
  • Newsletter post at least once monthly
  • Article post at least once monthly; drafts I can do in chunks whenever

Some starting deadlines:

  • Sep 2nd — 1st Article
  • Sep 9th — 2nd Article
  • Sep 9th — Writing article drafts
  • Sep 2nd — First article
  • Oct 1st — Newsletter

Blog updates:

  • New categories (self-development)
  • Add captions for images
  • Check alt text field for images

The plan is expected to evolve over time, as these things usually do. Thanks for checking this out and let’s hope I stay consistent with this 100 Days Challenge as well.

Good luck to everyone!