git commit -m 'Publish Hello World bug'

Saturday 19 October 2019

Look, I had to.

Like many devs thinking we’re funny and nerdy, I’ve titled posts similarly every time I joined a new platform since my teens in order to pass initiation into the cool kids club (nerds are cool and I refuse to be told otherwise). It’s practically a bug we’ve all got at this point. Anyway - this is me committing to being non-committal about writing blog posts. I’ve put it off for long enough.

So if you’re reading this - and I’m not sharing it anywhere publicly, which means you actually had a look at my posts - thank you for taking a gander. If you don’t know me:

Hello! I’m Tabs (I use spaces), and I’ve been a tech person since I was a kid.

  • I love design and development.
  • I currently run a gaming guild (twelve years now!), and two interdisciplinary creative tech communities. I advise others on their social communities. I love community management, clearly.
  • I run 100 Day Challenges (in my communities), a software architecture book club, and quite a few events.f
  • I have a SaaS venture called Grid App to build chat-based community management software.
  • I’m a firm believer in being a specialist generalist, and so I’m working to broaden my skillset out to fullstack while maintaining my specialisation in frontend and design.

You can find me on Polywork or streaming my projects on Twitch. I’m happy to chat on Twitter as well.

I invest a lot of time into learning and tons of opinions I need to shove somewhere. I figure that if I shove them into a blog it’d be a far calmer process for everyone 🤣. I’m told they’re helpful. If I can help others and perhaps hone a set of skills along the way, this is at least worth my while. In an effort to be less self-deprecating, I admit there will be probably some amount of value to people in my posts. I want to keep my expectations low so I’m not too disappointed, particularly because this is going to be a journey and a half. I hope to figure out what will be more useful and then write more of that.

Maybe one day I’ll be able to communicate well enough to feel like an article has transformed from a bug into a feature. 😊

Photography in cover photo by Mude Creative. Yes, that leather jacket is my only leather jacket and it is indeed rather prevalent at the Innovation ACT events photos throughout the years. 😜 I feel self-indulgent posting this collection but what the hey?